Limmud FSU Presenters

What is Limmud? What are the Principles? Also, learn some of our History and more.

Meet our Presenters... they are always up to something good!


Paul Robert Magocsi
Professor of history and political science at the University of Toronto

Jars Balan
Author, Editor, and Literary Translator

Nadya Drukker
Executive Director of the Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College

Julie Reines Chervinsky
Director of the Blavatnik Archive Foundation

Yoel Rappel
Founder and former director of Elie Wiesel Archive at Boston University

Zhanna Beyl
Chair, Limmud FSU NY Program Committee

Ben (Boris) Kogan
Philanthropist, public figure, member of the Executive Board of the American Forum of Russian speaking Jewry

Eugene Lekakh
CEO of the American Forum of Russian Speaking Jewry

Alex Mershon
The emissary of the World Zionist Organization to the Russian speaking Jewish community of North America

Inna Zilbergertz
CEO of the Israel Beytenu Party, leaded by the Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman

Nechama Milson
Doctor, author, life coach

Landon Braverman
Musical theater composer and producer

Reuven Ibragimov
Rabbi, spiritual leader and innovator

Nalini Ibragimov
Educational Director of Souled

Ari Y. Wasserman
Executive Director and chief talent behind AriSafari

Dani Dayan
Consul General of Israel in New York, Ambassador

Carolina Romanyuk
Child and Family Sleep Consultant

Shamira Malekar
Assistant Professor at the business department in CUNY

Yigal Kotler
Jewish educator and historian is a doctoral candidate at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Davidson School of Jewish Education.

Yaniv Halily
Correspondent of Yedioth Ahronoth

Yariv Levin
Israeli lawyer and politician. Currently serves as a Minister of Tourism

Noam Shumakh
Project Manager, Limmud FSU USA and Jewish Educator

Alina Bitel
Informal educator, community organizer, and a life-long learner.

Leonid Vayner
Co-founder of iMishpacha

Lenny Gusel
Co-founder of RJeneration (known as 79ers)

Yelena Kutikova
Director of Learning and Development at UJA-Federation, Co-founder of Jewish Parent Academy

Alex Selsky
CEO of World Israel Beytenu, former adviser to PM Netanyahu, lecturer at Hadassah College in Jerusalem.

Elhanan Nir
Rabbi is the editor of the "Shabbat" supplement in Makor Rishon and laureate of Prime Minister's prize for creativity in 2011.

Nelli Chrustaleva
Psychology PhD, Dean of faculty of Emergency Psychology at Saint Petersburg State University

Liz Alpern
Co-owner of The Gefilteria

Yuliya Levit
Documentary and lifestyle photographer

Asher Altshul
Rabbi, Jewish Educator

Yuliya Mazur
Informal Jewish Educator

Bonnie Lautenberg
Esteemed photographer, Writer, Philanthropist, and Businesswoman

Nadiya Al-Noor
Muslim interfaith activist with a focus on Jewish and Muslim communities

Menachem Kaiser
Writer, novelist, researcher

Reuven Khaskin
Rabbi, Jewish educator

Yona Verwer
Artist and Founder, Director Jewish Art Salon

Zhenya Lopatnik
Singer, Composer, Educator

Annie Vakhler
License American Heart Association First Aid and CPR instructor

Elena Ulanovsky
Writer and producer

Batsheva Ganz
Artist, Jewish educator

Amir Orad

Irina Dvoretskaya
Children's programs Director at the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow.

Ninet Tayeb
Singer, songwriter and actress

Sali Rakower
Partner at Rakower Law PLLC in Manhattan, Senior Fellow at the West Point Center for the Rule of Law

Zisl Slepovitch
Musicologist, multi instrumentalist, composer, music and Yiddish educator

Danny Schultz
Co-Founder and Managing Director of Gotham Ventures

Gera Sandler
Stage and movies actor

Abby Stein
Jewish educator, writer, speaker, and activist

Alexander Drouz
Magister of the game «Что? Где? Когда?»

Oleg Kuvaev
Artist, designer and animator. Author of the animated series "Masyanya" and "Magazinchik Bo"

Dmitry Romanov
Comedian, actor

Mirele B. Goldsmith
Environmental psychologist, educator, and activist

Julia Belotserkovsky
Clinical psychologist

Marina Reydler
Actress, Jewish educator

Peter Reznik
LCSW, Ph.D. Mind-Body Integrative Therapist

Boris Khodorkovsky
Chairman of Board of Trustees of Mazel Day School

Lior Vaknin
Founder and President at Israeli Startups NYC

Martin Yafe
Israel Educator from JCRC and Planning Executive at UJA-Federation of NY

Irina Reyn

Gregory Zuckerman
Author of three books and senior writer at The Wall Street Journal

Gil Eyal
CEO and Co-founder of HYPR

Ilana Volodarsky
Founder and Director of the RAJMN program at Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul

Inna Rabinovitch
Early Childhood Educator

Joan Nathan
Award-winning American cookbook author and newspaper journalist

Boris Gulko
Chess Grandmaster

Misha Gulko
Photographer, Filmmaker

Leon Geyer
Russian/Ukrainian interpreter

Steve Eisenberg
A risk arbitrage specialist

Kheedim Oh
Founded Mama O’s Premium Kimchi

Zvi Gitelman
Professor of political science and Preston Tisch Professor of Judaic Studies at the University of Michigan

Anna Ayzenberg
Yoga Instructor

Inna Kuznetsova
President and Chief Operating Officer of INTTRA

Yuliya Patrakova
Teacher, Jewish educator

Joseph Telushkin
American rabbi, lecturer, and bestselling author of more than 15 books

Ilya Khinsky
Jewish Educator

Bella Zelkin
Community Organizer

Grigory Gurevich
Sculptor, painter, photographer, graphic artist, printmaker, art book creator, and inventor

Boris Grachevskii
Founder and director of "Eralash”

Alex Tabak
Tour guide, jewish educator

Alex Yentin
Psychotherapist at Outpatient Psychiatric Clinic

Yaffa Epstein
Director of Education, North America for the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

Joy Ladin
Teacher, widely published essayist and poet, literary scholar, and nationally known speaker on transgender issues.

Anna Dayn
Private Equity Investment Advisor, founder of Dayn Advisors

Eyal Bino
Partner at ICONYC labs

Rachel Grant Meyer
Rabbi, director of Education (Community Engagement) at HIAS

Manny Waks
Community activist, Founder of Tzedek and Kol v'Oz

Pinchas Polonsky
Russian-Israeli Jewish-religious philosopher, researcher, and educator active among the Russian-speaking Jewish community

Ilya Bratman
Executive Director Hillel at Baruch College, CUNY