2015 LIMMUD FSU NY Presenters

What is Limmud? What are the Principles? Also, learn some of our History and more.

Meet our 2015 Presenters... they are always up to something good!

Alexander Okun
Artist, writer, journalist

Boris Fishman
Writer, Journalist

Charlotte Hallé
Editor of Haaretz English

Vladimir Druk
Poet, inventor and technology expert

Fania Oz-Salzberger
Israeli writer and historian

Igor Klibanov
CEO of Fitness Solutions Plus

Stanislav Smelianskiy
Writer, film director, creative director and poet

Dmitry Astrahan
Theater and film director, actor

Alice Kogan
Founder of the Cheburashka Project

Chaim Chesler
Founder and Chair Executive Committee, Limmud FSU

Yehiel Fishzon
Historian, writer, guide

Manashe Khaimov
Director of JCCA’s Bukharian Teen Lounge, entrepreneur, Jewish educator, and community leader

Ari Y. Wasserman
Executive Director and chief talent behind AriSafari

Anna Zicer
Jewish Educator, Producer, and Actress

Alina Bitel
Informal Educator, a Community organizer, Chair, Limmud FSU US

Anna Fishbeyn
Actor, playwright and producer

Mordehai Haimovich
Senior Writer, Ma’ariv

Marina Eybelman
Artist and photographer

Dima Zicer
Educator, Director, and Founder of INO (Institute of Informal Education)

Leonard Petlakh
Executive Director at Kings Bay YM-YWHA an agency of UJA Federation of NY

Aryeh (Lev) Katzin
Rabbi, educator, Jewish activist

Ilya Bratman
Executive Director, Hillel at Baruch College

Boris Gulko
Psychologist, Chess Grandmaster

Roman Kogan
Executive Director, Limmud FSU

Igor Schupak
Director of the Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Studies "Tkumah"

Marina Goodman
VP, Portfolio Oversight Management at Bank of America

Victor Shenderovich
Satirist, writer, script writer and radio host

Anna Kaplan
Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Specializes in individual, family and group therapy

Alla Paskovaty
Doctor of Pharmacy, Board Certified Pharmacy Specialist with Added Qualifications in Infectious Diseases

Martin Yafe
Israel Advocacy - Middle East Conflict Analysis

George Itzhak
Filmmaker, photographer and storyteller

Victoria Drob
Researcher, Clinical Counselor

Yelena Yafe
Motion Graphics Designer

Sonia Beker
Educator and author of "Symphony on Fire"

Sandra F. Cahn
Co-founder, Limmud FSU and Philanthropist

Sunday Shkola
Sunday Shkola Park East Synagogue

Yoel Matveyev
Yiddish poet, writer, researcher and cultural activist

Yigal Kotler
Educator, Historian

Rimma Shikh
Educator and Science popularizer for kids

Abraham H. Foxman
National Director of the Anti-Defamation League

James Kenigsberg
Chief Technology Officer and a founding team member, 2U inc.

Shaun Goldstone
Global Program Officer, JDC

Nataliya Ostrovskaya
Food Business Entrepreneur

Yelena Vayner
Physical Therapist and Zumba Instructor

Alexander Genis
Writer and literary critic

Jay Michaelson
Columnist for The Daily Beast & The Forward

Alex Tansky
Director of Education at the Village Temple, Congregation B’nai Israel in Manhattan

Ilan Evyatar
Editor-in-Chief of The Jerusalem Report and News Editor at The Jerusalem Post

Menachem Kaiser
Writer and Critic

Michael Dorfman
Writer, essayist, journalist, human rights activist and activist of Yiddish culture revivalist movement

Walter Ruby
Muslim-Jewish Relations Program Director

Iryna Rosenfeld
Ukrainian Singer, Actress, and Composer

Ilya Levin
Former U.S. Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State

Igor Irten'ev
Russian poet, a leading representative of the genre of irony in contemporary Russian poetry

Reuven Ibragimov
Rabbi, spiritual leader and innovator

Yuliya Levit
Documentary and lifestyle photographer

Lori Palatnik
Writer and Jewish educator

Yaron Prywes
Expert in the science that supports leadership development and organization change

Mordechai Becher
Rabbi, educator, public speaker