Why Volunteer? What do volunteers do?

Why Volunteer

Thousands of volunteers on all 6 continents organize more than 80 Limmuds per year.

Personal contribution of everyone is a fundamental principle of Limmud. Organizers, presenters, participants, we all put in our time and energy selflessly, gratuitously and voluntary.

When you volunteer with LIMMUD FSU Recharge, you:

  • Gain experience in organizing a major event
  • Personally contribute to the development of Jewish culture in your community
  • Connect with other amazing like-minded individuals
  • Become eligible for the year long Mini LIMMUD FSU Recharge program for Volunteers only with the World known presenters from all over the world.

How does this work

At Limmud, everyone can find a role/task to utilize their unique skills or do something completely new. Each volunteer chooses a type of activity consistent with their skills or makes a willful decision to do something completely new within one of the committees.

We will try our best to take into consideration your preferred types of activities. We expect a time commitment of 1-2 hours spread over each day of the conference. The rest of the time a volunteer can take part in the programming just like any other participant.



Welcoming participants, registering, supplying a booklet, an ID Badge, and other supporting materials


Providing participants and presenters with information (e.g. when is lunch time, where can one find a doctor, how to turn on a projector…)


Caregivers' Assistants

Assist professional caregivers with minor tasks like accompanying a child to their parent, for example


Assist in leading youth programs



Making sure things are running smoothly in the halls and classrooms, setting up presentation aids during sessions, handling real-time logistics


Assistance in setting up visual aids for presenters, work as a sound manager and lighting technician


Synchronous and consecutive translation, support for English-speaking and Hebrew-speaking presenters

Photo & Video

Documenting the conference on video, selecting and arranging the photo materials, video production

Grounds & Buildings

Decoration of rooms and halls, tracking of materials and equipment


Table seating assistance during Meal breaks, ad hoc help to restaurant workers