LIMMUD FSU Recharge Presenters 2022

What is Limmud? What are the Principles? Also, learn some of our History and more.

Wendy Amsellem Rabba, Jewish Educator


Rabba Wendy Amsellem teaches Talmud and Halakha at Yeshivat Maharat and directs The Beit Midrash Program, a joint project of Maharat and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah. She also teaches regularly at Drisha, Pardes, and the Temple Emanu-El Streicker Center. Rabba Wendy received semikha from Yeshivat Maharat and is an alumna of the Drisha Scholars Circle. She has a BA in History and Literature from Harvard University. She is married to Rabbi Mike Moskowitz.


Opening the Books, Opening the Gates: Women and Torah Study

Traditionally, most women were excluded from Torah study. In the past 100 years, women have begun to study Torah enthusiastically and over the past 50 years, each movement in Judaism has begun to ordain women as rabbis. This shift has been welcomed by some and vigorously opposed by others. We will discuss these shifting trends and explore some texts about Beruriah - the lone female Torah scholar in the Talmud. We will study the texts in which she appears and consider the challenges faced by women Torah scholars – both in Beruriah’s time and today.