LIMMUD FSU Recharge Presenters 2022

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Yaron Dekel Israeli journalist, JAFI regional director Toronto, ON


Regional Director to Canada, joined recently to the Jewish Agency, now based in Toronto, ON.
For almost three and a half decades was considered as one of the most respected and well-known journalists in Israel, Yaron Deckel’s career spans over three decades of reporting, editing, hosting, and serving as leader of one of Israel’s most popular radio stations. From 2012- 2017 Deckel served as the Editor in Chief and CEO of Galei Tsahal, a national public radio station, where he oversaw an annual budget of 60-million shekels, 350 employees and soldiers. In 2015 he began hosting a weekly prime-time radio talk-show on Politics. Deckel started his journalism career at the age of 18 at the same popular Army Radio Station.

As political reporter and commentator for both radio and television, for the past 3 decades he has closely followed the ins-and-outs of Israeli politics and governance, developing close relationships with all the decision makers in Israel, including top politicians and military leaders. He has covered the last 12 Israel's election campaigns.
Between 2002–2007 Deckel served as Washington DC, Bureau Chief for Israeli Public TV where he covered US-Israel relations and traveled the US reporting on social and cultural issues, as well on internal US politics and. Deckel was the first Israeli journalist to interview President George W. Bush. He also interviewed Presidents Carter and Clinton, among other US leaders. During his time in the US, he created a 5-part TV documentary “the Israelis”, documenting the lives of Israelis living in the US and Canada and a 4-part documentary about the “Jewish Identity in North America”.

Deckel is the winner of several awards including the Sokolov Award, the most prestigious award for journalists in Israel. He also was the Bnei- Btirh award for special coverage of the Jewish Community in the USA.


Israel's Realpolitik and Moral Dilemmas in Times of World Crisis: Walking a Thin Line