LIMMUD FSU NY Presenters 2015

What is Limmud? What are the Principles? Also, learn some of our History and more.

Aryeh (Lev) Katzin Rabbi, educator, Jewish activist


Rabbi Aryeh Katzin was a Jewish activist while living in Moscow during the years 1977-1981. He studied Torah in the group of Eliyahu Essas and became a teacher of Torah and Hebrew language in the underground movement in the USSR. His friends from that group include YuliyEdelstein and Yosef Begun.
In 1981, he received permission to leave Russia and go to Israel. In Jerusalem, he continued his Torah Studies at Yeshivat Ateret Yisrael, while at the same time being actively involved in educational projects for new immigrants.

In 1986, Rabbi Katzin was asked to come to New York to establish Sinai Academy, a High School for Russian immigrants. The major focus of the school is to instill a feeling of Jewish pride and to inspire students to appreciate their spiritual heritage.

Rabbi Katzin was also invited to work for the Voice of America, producing a weekly radio program called Jewish Life, reaching out to millions of listeners in the former USSR.

In 1992 he launched Yevreiski Mir, a Russian language Jewish weekly newspaper. This publication reaches subscribers in 42 states and includes educational Torah articles. He appears weekly on RTN (Russian Television Network), a satellite and cable network reaching hundreds of thousands of Jews in the US and is heard on weekly programs on Davidzon Radio 620 AM in NY. Rabbi Katzin teaches college students and young professionals at RAJE (Russian American Jewish Experience).