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Yuliya Mazur

Yuliya Mazur

Yuliya Mazur has been involved with the New York Russian Speaking Jewish community for

more than 15 years and is currently working for JCC Association of North America as an

information and research guru. Started on the path to Judaism in the late 1990s in Moscow,

Yuliya has a passion for Torah study and the fusion of traditional and modern Jewish learning.

When she is not managing multiple research and communications projects for the organization,

she learns and teaches Torah to those who have a thirst for knowledge in her community. As a

partner in chevruta project of Limmud NY and presenter at Limmud FSU, Yuliya uses her skills,

acquired during years of educational training and bi continental work experience to inform

young minds of the great strides made previously by women and those battles yet to be won.

Yuliya is also a kosher cooking enthusiast. She blogs about kosher food, parshat ha shavuah,

politics and Israel on https:/

I do Limmud because this is the only place that allows Jews of all streams, all views, all denominations to learn, pray, dance, shout and have fun together enriching us all. I am proud to be a part of a diverse, young group of people building Jewish life wherever they go.