LIMMUD FSU Recharge Presenters 2021

What is Limmud? What are the Principles? Also, learn some of our History and more.

Misha Rubin Career educator


Misha Rubin is a career educator. Till recently he was a Partner at Ernst & Young, where he spent 15 fruitful years. He managed over hundred-million-dollar worth of projects, advised a countless number of clients and guided hundreds of careers.

His corporate experience, personal quest for meaning and fulfillment, and rigorous study, birthed The Career Leap method - a pragmatic, elevating and actionable process designed for people to obtain clarity about their next career moves.

Apart from providing career transformational programs to individuals and groups, Misha recorded a music album (ARE WE READY by Misha Lyuve), adopted three kids and is on the board of Worldwide Orphans.


No Need to Stay Career-Stuck: The Time of Unprecedented Career Opportunities

Have you wondered what it would take to have a meaningful fulfilling job that works for your life? In this session we will discuss the shift in the landscape of career opportunities, distinguish “career traps,” and explore practical considerations of discovering your career path.