2016 LIMMUD FSU NY Presenters

What is Limmud? What are the Principles? Also, learn some of our History and more.

Meet our 2016 Presenters... they are always up to something good!

Amichai Lau-Lavie
Jewish educator, writer, performer

Elizabeth Alpern & Jeffrey Yoskowitz
Co-owners of The Gefilteria

Bassem Eid
Palestinian Human Rights Activist and NGO Director

Colette Avital

Masha Gessen
Russian and American journalist, author and activist

Gil Eyal
CEO and Co-founder of HyPR

Andrew Rekhels
Jewish Educator

Lori Palatnik
Writer and Jewish Educator

Nalini Ibragimov
Educational Director of Souled

Nina Faynberg
Jewish Educator

Amir Shaviv
Senior Executive, The Joint Distribution Committee

Manashe Khaimov
Director of JCCA’s Bukharian Teen Lounge, entrepreneur, Jewish educator, and community leader

Ilya Bratman
Executive Director at the Hillel at Baruch College

Reuven Ibragimov
Rabbi, spiritual leader and innovator

Sandra Lilienthal
Public Speaker, Jewish Educator

Mira Wasserman
Rabbi, Scholar

Lev Shneider
Self-taught pianist, composer

Ari Y. Wasserman
Executive Director and chief talent behind AriSafari

Yaakov Zito
Multi-lingual writer, journalist and autism advocate

Jane Dechtiar
Educational director of a summer camp program” Havurah”

Elihu Ben-Onn

Yigal Kotler
Educator, Historian

Marina Reydler
Actor, director, theatre educator and dreamer

Muhammed Barhum
Israeli-Arab SodaStream Factory Manager

Anna Kegeles
Artist, graphic designer, blogger and book publisher

Alina Bas
Certified Executive Coach and Life Strategist

Ilana Shydlo
Ilana Shydlo Founder of Accent Eraser, speech-language pathologist

Avi Killip
Director of Project Zug

Eyal Bino
Co-founder and Partner at ICONYC labs

Nehama Milson
Life-coach, writer

Evgeny Kogan
Entrepreneur, President of the Moscow Partners investment boutique

Sandra Cahn
Co-founder, Limmud FSU and Philanthropist

Zhanna Beyl
Communal Education Networker at The Jewish Education Project

Jeremy Borovitz
Rabbi, Jewish Educator

Marina Zurakhinsky
Community organizer, Jewish professional and lay leader, founder of Zplay

Gayle Squires
Food writer

Vadim Blumin
Historian and activist in the fields of Jewish Education and Civil Society in Israel

Semyon Dovzhik
Journalist, leading columnist of Jewish.ru portal, writing for Lechaim magazine, Relevantinfo.co.il and others media

Marina Rozenberg - Koritny
Head of the Department for the promotion of Aliyah, World Zionist Organization

Ilya Akselrod
Israeli comedian and TV host

Gary Katz
Clinical Social Worker

Nurit Koren
Member of Knesset

Yoram Dori
Strategic advisor

David Broza
Singer, songwriter

Sharon Weiss-Greenberg
Executive Director of JOFA

Alina Bitel
Informal Educator and Community Organizer

Oded Forer
Member of Knesset

Danny Danon
Israel's envoy to the United Nations

Benzion Klatzko
Founder of Shabbat.com, Music producer, Successful author, a Rabbi and a Mohel

Yelena Khanga
Journalist, television personality and writer

Allen Lewis Rickman
Actor, writer and director

Gidi Grinstein
Serial Social Entrepreneur

Grigory Gurevich
Sculptor, painter, photographer, graphic artist, printmaker, art book creator, and inventor

Zhenya Lopatnik
Singer, Writer and Jewish Educator

Andrey Akselrod
CTO and founder of Smartling

Steve Eisenberg
A risk arbitrage specialist

Simon Jacobson
Rabbi, Autor, Scholar

Bella Zelkin
Director of Émigré Services at JCCA

Alex Yentin
Licensed clinical psychotherapist and certified group psychotherapist

Alex Rubin
Community Leader

Dovid Katz
Professor, Historian, Yiddish specialist

Misha Galperin
Philanthropic Advisor

Gil Hovav
Leading culinary journalists, author, publisher and tv presenter

Tamir Zaltsman
Rabbi and Maggid, Expert on Jewish mysticism and psychology

Chemi Shalev
New York-based US Editor and Correspondent for Israel’s highly respected Haaretz daily newspaper

Vitaly Umansky
Artist, Educator

Israel “Izzy” Tapoohi
President and CEO, Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds

Anya Azrelyan
RSJ Community lay leader, Co-Cair of the RAJMN Project, theatrical producer, writer and a pianist

Alexandra Gerson
Founder Russian Jewish Radio Station

Estee Bardanashvili
Senior Producer of International Social Impact at Sesame Workshop

Yelena Yafe

Sofya Tamarkin
Motivational speaker

Roman Kogan
Executive Director, Limmud FSU

William Hess
President of the American Zionist Movement

Marina Mirchevskaya
Art Director

Sasha Gerner
RSJ Community lay leader and a Chair of the RAJMN Project, actor and writer

Chaim Chesler
Founder and Chairman, Executive Committee, Limmud FSU

Alex Selsky
CEO of the World Israel Beytenu, ‎Member of the Executive Board at ‎World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency, former adviser to Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Dmitry Shiglik
Chairman of the American Forum of Russian-speaking Jewry

Chaim Seidler-Feller
Rabbi, Executive Director, Hillel at UCLA

Michael Paley
Rabbi, Scholar, and Jewish Educator

Ilya Khinskiy
Jewish Educator

Olga Markus
Jewish educator, Assistant Executive Director at COJECO

Katerina Romanenko
Assoc. Director of Education. National Museum of American Jewish History

Yuliya Mazur
Jewish Educator

Hanan Harchol
Creator, writer and animator of Jewish Food For Thought

Leeza Negelev
Associate Director of Education at Mayyim Hayyim, a Community Mikveh

Boris Dolin
Jewish Educator and Certified Tour Guide

Zeev Volkov
Tour guide, Educator

Doreen Seidler-Feller
Clinical Psychologist, Assoociate Clinical Professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Ron Furman
Israeli Advocacy Activist

David Teten
Partner with ff Venture Capital