LIMMUD FSU Recharge Presenters 2017

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Carolina Romanyuk Child and Family Sleep Consultant


Carolina Romanyuk is a Child and Family Sleep Consultant, specializing in pediatric sleep hygiene and behavioral coaching, an International Children’s book author, creator of: "The Sleep Trifecta: 3 Steps to Sleep Success." , co-founder of (coming out towards the end of spring 2017), Speaker, wife and Mom of 2 happy and rested toddlers.

Considered a thought-leader and NYC's top sleep coach, Carolina has become the go-to-expert for many new and working parents. Her work has appeared on various sites, including The Huffington Post, Well Rounded, A Child Grows In Brooklyn, We Are Pediatricians, and NYMetroParents to name a few.

A Certified Family Sleep Institute Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Carolina works with families around the globe to provide education, prevention and intervention services for all of a child’s sleep needs.

You can connect with her through her website: OR follow her with 3,900 other families on her page where every Monday - Wed at 10PM EST she hosts LIVE Facebook videos discussing on various pressing parental questions about sleep.