LIMMUD FSU Recharge Presenters 2016

What is Limmud? What are the Principles? Also, learn some of our History and more.

Yelena Khanga Journalist, television personality and writer


Yelena Khanga is a journalist and writer who was born in 1962 in Moscow, Russia. She is the daughter of Abdulla Khanga, who was the onetime vice president of Zanzibar, and Lily Golden, a Russian woman who was a historian and educator. She is also the granddaughter of a black Christian, Oliver Golden and a Polish Jew, Bertha Bialek.

Following graduation from Moscow State University, Khanga was hired by the Moscow News and became the first Russian journalist to participate in a foreign exchange program with the American-based Christian Science Monitor in 1988. Through this exchange, Khanga became well known in the United States for being a black woman from Russia, with many Americans being shocked that black people even lived in Russia. Khanga was the moderator of the Russian television talk show The Domino Effect. She also moderated Russia's first talk show about sex, called About That (Russian: Про это, Pro Eto), from 1997 to 2000, which tackled such matters as HIV/AIDS, homosexuality and workplace sexual harassment.

She was also a performer with a comedy show called Kanotye in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.