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Nelli Chrustaleva Psychology PhD, Dean of faculty of Emergency Psychology at Saint Petersburg State University


Born in Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad), Russia, in 1950, in 1974 Nelli Chrustaleva graduated from the faculty of psychology of the State University of Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad State University). After her graduation and Ph.D. until 1989 she held several positions: assistant, head educator and docent acting in the role of a professor.
Beginning 1989 she began to conduct socio-psychological research in the field of immigrants in the Russian diaspora in countries abroad, such as Israel, Germany and USA.
At the same time she established several centers for psychological support for immigrants in their native language: „Aliyah90“ in Beer-Sheva, Israel; psychotherapy practice in Berlin, Germany; emergency hotline for Russian speaking immigrants in Germany, a joint bachelor’s degree program for psychologists in Germany, specialized in the work with Russian speaking immigrants in Germany, in collaboration with Saint Petersburg State University.
In 1996 Nelli completed a successful dissertation with the title “Psychology of Immigration – socio-psychological and personality issues”.
A unique set of empirical material and practical experience enabled Nelli to establish a new trend in social psychology in Russia - psychology of migration processes and psychology of immigration.
Nelli is employed at the Saint Petersburg State University as a professor and dean of faculty. She elaborated new to the university learning courses, such as: “Psychology of Migration Processes”; “Personal Life Crisis in the Environment of a Foreign Socio-culture and Language”; “Psychology of a Marginal Personality”; “Types of Personal Crises”; “Psychological Adaptation of Immigrants”; “Behavior in Stressful Situations”, “Psychology of Negotiation Processes”, etc. .
Nelli is the author of over 80 scientific works, such as the monography „Immigration and Immigrants” (with co-author A.A. Novicov, 1996); a collection of scientific articles „Psychological problems of Russian Emigrants in Germany” (with co-authors, 2001); “Psychology of Crisis Events” (2006); „Emergency Psychology“ (2006); „Experiencing Psychological Trauma and Sorrow in Immigration“ (2010); „Problems of Psychological Consulting in Cases of Emergency“ (2010); „Varieties of Crises and Psychological Support in the Event of Emergency” (2010); “Training for Specialists counseling the Victim’s Relatives” (2012), etc. .
Nelli was head editor and co-author of three study books: „Emergency Psychology – Psycho-diagnostics and Psychological counseling“(2013); „Emergency Psychology – Psychological Trauma and its Consequences” (2014); “Emergency Psychology - Personal Life-crisis, Aggression and Extremism.” (2016).
Nelli Chrustaleva’s scientific work is highly regarded in the community of psychologists. She was awarded the “Golden Psychea” award in 2004, “Person of the Year in Psychology Education” in 2004, and was awarded honorary professorship at the psychology faculty of MSU (Lomonosov Moscow State University) in 2008.