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Alyona Ryvkina

Alyona Ryvkina

Alyona was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine and immigrated with her family to the United States in 2002. She graduated from Baruch College with BBA degree in Entrepreneurship and Management, and holds a cosmetology license from the Elite Academy of Beauty Art. Currently, she works as a hairstylist in an upscale organic hair salon in Manhattan.
At the age of seven she began attending JCC “Migdal” of Odessa and became actively involved with various Jewish organizations, such as Beitar, Bney Akiva, and Hillel, where she received her education in Jewish tradition, culture, history, and Zionism.
Once she moved to the USA, she become an active participant and professional volunteer for multiple Jewish organizations and programs. In 2003 she became a madrich at Ezra Olami, where she led over 10 Birthright trips and organized social events for alumni, promoting Israeli advocacy and support for the state. While at Baruch College, she was an active member of Hillel, where she served as a Treasury of Baruch Association of Russian Students (BARS). She went back to Israel as a participant of various leadership, volunteer and religious seminars, including a year-long internship in Jerusalem as part of MASA program.
After her first Limmud FSU experience in 2010 she became Limmud volunteer, and later joined the Organizing Committee.
In her spare time, she enjoys her baby boy, long walks, dancing salsa, camping, hiking, knitting, and traveling.
Currently she lives in Brighton Beach area with her family.

I do Limmud because the Jewishness has always been a significant part of my life - including everything from people, interests, energy, knowledge to family, values, and lifestyle.