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Alexander Genis Writer, literary critic, and radio broadcaster


Alexander Genis is an established writer, literary critic, and radio broadcaster. Born in Ryazan, Russia, in 1953, he grew up in Riga, Latvia. He immigrated to the US in 1977 and traveled widely; Alexander Genis is a cosmopolitan. Passion for the cultures of the world pervade his writing; Milorad Pavic compared Genis’s work to a “pulsating stream of explosions”. Alexander Genis hosted the weekly audio program ‘American Hour’ (Radio Liberty), the televised broadcast "Letters from America" (Channel ‘Culture’), and wrote columns for several periodicals. His numerous books reflect the author's bi-culturalism: Russian and American civilizational specializations are compared. A shrewd and observant writer, Genis pioneered the trend of cultural essayism, a specific genre combining lyrical with the academic, narrative with cultural study. His works combines the Western European and American tradition with wordplay, wit, and precision. His essays are dynamic, informative, and a joy to read.

Alexander Genis’s essays have been translated into English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Serbian, Hungarian, Latvian and other languages, and included in various anthologies and university studies. There are severalfull length books in translation.