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Gera Sandler Actor, stage director, writer composer ,voice talent and a TV personality


Gera Sandler is an actor, stage director, writer, composer, voice talent and a TV personality. He was born in Soviet Union in 1973 and raised in Israel, where he graduated from the School of Performing Arts "Beit Zvi” in 1997.
He performed in the Gesher Theatre in Don Juan by Molar and The Last Devil by Isaac Bashevis Singer. In addition, for 15 years, he has been one of the leading actors in the Yiddishpil Theatre in Israel. His prominent roles included: Nathan Rothschild in American musical “The Rotschildes”, Her- shel in “Simple Story” by Agnon, and “The Magician of Lublin” by Bashevis Singer. In the USA, he played in Covers, Knock, and Old New Year by Lost & Found Project. He is one of the lead members of New Yiddish Rep Theatre. As a stage director, Mr. Sandler directed numerous productions, including operas, original (Old New Year) and classic (The Labor of Life & The Whore From Ohio by Hanoch Levin) dramatic plays, and kids shows.

Gera has appeared in over 30 movies and series in Israel, Russia, France, Germany and Poland, including “Jellyfish” (winner of three awards at Cannes Film Festival) and “A Tale of Love and Darkness” directed by Natalie Portman. He played in more than 15 Israeli TV series, including in 5 season sitcom “Eighties.” He took part in American productions such as “Who will write Our History” by Roberta Grossman, “MINYAN” by Eric Steel, “A Holy Woman” by Emily Cheeger, and acclaimed Netflix series “UNORTHODOX”.

Gera is also an accomplished Russian / Hebrew voice-over talent. He is famous for portraying Bloo's character in the Russian version of Cartoon Network series “Foster House for Imaginary Friends” and Dracula’s part in the Hebrew version of Adam Sandler's acclaimed Columbia Pictures cartoon production “Hotel Transylvania”.


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