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Ann Liberman

Ann Liberman

A first-generation American, Ann was born and raised in South Brooklyn. Growing up, her parents strived to hold on to their family roots by teaching her Russian and forcing Katleti down her belly. She graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in English and Jewish studies but her true passion lies in community building.

Ann is sure to win the lottery any day now --in the meantime, she manages the Real Estate portfolio of the YJP (Young Jewish Professionals.) In her spare time Ann can be found sketching, cooking her grandma's Russian recipes and working on her novel.

Ann believes that learning and asking questions is essential to living a meaningful life and her commitment to the communal professional world is unwavering.

I do Limmud because I believe in Jewish continuity. Because I wouldn't be who I am today without having been actively involved in various Jewish communities throughout my life. Limmud is the only place in the world --besides my living room -- where I can meet like minded people who eat my food, sing my songs, know my traditions, understand my stories and feel right at home.