Limmud FSU Presenters 2018

What is Limmud? What are the Principles? Also, learn some of our History and more.

Yehudah Webster Director, B'nai Mitzvah Campaign


Originally born as a Christian in Georgetown, Guyana, the son of a pastor, Yehudah grew up in a world driven by faith and belief, experiencing from an early age a diverse range of worship mediums. Yehudah’s Jewish journey began officially at the age of eight in South Orange, NJ, where he and his family unit converted to Judaism and became members of Congregation Oheb Shalom. Involving themselves integrally as a family in the Oheb Shalom community, Yehudah was immersed in Ashkenazi Jewish education and social life, attending Hebrew school weekly and participating in the local and regional Jewish youth groups. Growing up in the face of white hegemony, Yehudah now facilitates workshops and speaks to audiences around the country to inspire and empower the Jewish community to commit to racial justice and make space for Jews of Color (JOC). He has presented in a wide variety of settings, including youth group conventions, college campuses, and staff development retreats for Jewish organizations. As a community leader for Jews for Racial & Economic Justice (JFREJ), Yehudah supports JFREJ’s police accountability and Black Lives Matter campaigns by organizing meaningful actions and lobbying for legislative reform. Yehudah is currently working on establishing a national support network for JOCs through his JFREJ leadership, working to provide the much needed institutional support marginalized Jewish communities of color need.